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What Is Push Back Pallet Racking?

Pushback Pallet Racking allows higher storage density than other forms of pallet racking. Though you can have these racks filled up to six-deep, most warehouse operators opt for only two deep. Unlike other systems, you cannot store partially filled pallets on a pushback system. Push Back Racking allows the aisles to be eliminated and gains more valuable pallet storage in your warehouse. Is your current racking system is costing you money due to high costs of labor from loading and unloading? Are you experiencing costly maintenance due to rack damage from driving in and out of the rack system? Do you have a lot of the same SKU? Do you need to store a wide variety of different size pallets? Then a Push Back Racking system in your warehouse will multiply your pallet storage greatly!

Pushback Rack systems utilize gravity-fed telescoping carts to provide the highest density storage. In most cases, Pushback Racking systems can double your warehouse storage capacity while allowing for more picking faces. Push Back lanes can be designed to accommodate all different or unique pallet sizes. Pallets are fed and retrieved from one aisle, which makes Push Back racking extremely easy to operate. You simply load the first pallet onto the top cart, and then as you load the second pallet it pushes the first pallet back, which can be continued up to 6 pallets deep. To remove pallets, simply lift the pallet and back out slowly until the next pallet is in the front position.

There are many advantages to using pushback racking. Because the pallets come to the aisle, a pushback rack is much faster to load and unload than any comparable drive-in rack. Additionally, with pushback your stock rotation and occupancy are greatly improved. Each level can store a different product. Finally, rack damage is significantly reduced because the operator does not have to drive in to the racks to remove pallets.

    Push Back Pallet Racking Features
  • Clear Aisles of 10 feet to 11-1/2 feet for reach trucks or 11-1/2 feet to 15 feet for counter balanced fork lifts.
  • First in last out (FILO) for each slot.
  • Can be up to six pallets deep
  • Pallets are pushed back from aisle by fork lift trucks.
  • Pallets are placed on low friction carts.
  • Recommended for full pallet storage.
  • Utilisation: 85-90%.
  • Forklift drivers must be careful when loading in an out to avoid pallet damage.

  • When do you use it?
  • When you have more pallets per SKU.
  • When you want to gain greater storage density.
  • When order picking is not picking from pallets within push back racking

  • When not to use it?
  • When you need to perform order picking from pallets.
  • When pallets are accessed frequently for picking and are then put away again.
  • Where pallet to pallet running into each other will cause damage to the stock.

  • Building a Push Back Pallet Rack System

    Building push back pallet rack systems can be accomplished in many structural configurations with slotted style, tear drop style, in either Roll Formed Steel or Structural Steel. Every type of pushback pallet racking has welded trusses and high capacity beams. Push back pallet racking systems consist of three major racking components, the uprights, beams and footplates.

    Placement of the pallet racks within the warehouse will vary based on your facility requirements. The pallet size, pallet weight, forklift and/or pallet jack dimensions and the available warehouse height for storage, are all important factors A.I.T. Industrial uses in determining the final aisle width and rack height of the pallet racking system.

    A.I.T. Industrial designs every pallet racking system itself differently, depending on your specific requirements. The size, shape and weight of the material to be stored is important. Our team of warehouse racking pro's will work with you to design the most efficient and productive warehouse operation for your material handling requirements.

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Push-Back Racking Storage System

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