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Mobile Racking Maximizes Storage In The Warehouse

Mobile Rack System

A Mobile Rack System, also called a Mobile Shelving System is a highly compact pallet racking system designed to maximize the use of the available storage space. The mobile racking system is ideal for any location that requires a High density storage solution for heavier items. Mobile rack systems eliminate idle aisles by mounting mobile carriages to all existing pallet racking. With mobile shelving it reduces the needed storage area to 1/2 of what you normally used, or another way of looking at it, mobile shelving will DOUBLE the amount of storage space you have!

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Mobile Racking Maximizes Storage
Mobile Racking Maximizes Storage

Mobile Shelving Systems are a pallet rack system that is movable because there are permenant wheels on the racking system. Each group of racks or shelves is mounted to a mobile carriage on the floor and racking. The ability to anchor the mobile carriages to existing concrete floors makes it a very cost-effective solution for increasing capacity in any space, without the need for expensive renovation or expansion. The mobile carriages are extremely strong with load capacities from 7,000 to over 30,000 lbs. All mobile racking units are installed over guided bases that roll laterally, eliminating the need for multiple fixed aisles. They also are fitted with a host of safety and security features.

With mobile shelving, the racking system aisles open up only when the operator requests access. Otherwise they are closed. Most of the time the moving aisles are operated by electric motors, the Mobile Racks are controlled directly using operator controls on the racks or based remotely. As a matter of fact the entire system can easily be integrated into an existing warehouse management system.

There Are Numerous Applications for Mobile Racks / Mobile Shelving

  • Any size warehouse where more space is required
  • Industrial storage solutions
  • Auto parts storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Beer keg and craft beer storage
  • Frozen storage facilities
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Long-term evidence storage

  • Mobile Rack Systems can be directly integrated into a newly-built warehouse or fitted into an existing one. Though it seems complicated it has a one time cost increase, but this is quickly offset because the use of mobile shelving reduces the need for costly floor space. Thanks to the racks mobility, only one aisle needs to be open for picking at any one time; the rest of the space is filled as efficiently as possible with layers of racking.

    With Mobile Rack Systems all pallets are accessable at all times. Instead of one very large, broad aisle wide enough for a truck, it is also possible to open several smaller aisles to first locate the correct group of pallets. Then open that aisle further to go after and pull the needed pallet rack.

    The compact mobile Rack system design eliminates idle aisles and maximizes storage in the square footage, while providing 100% accessibility to all of your stored items. When compared to standard static shelving or a selective racking system of the same footprint, the Mobilized Rack System at a minimum, doubles the capacity within the same area.

    Alternatively, a mobile rack system can allow you to have a smaller warehouse. The same amount of storage can be maintained, but will occupy at least 50% less floor space to allow a smaller operating warehouse, or to create room for other warehouse needs. Finally never worry, mobile carriages are available with load capacities ranging from 7,000 pounds (for tools and part storage) to over 30,000 pounds (for super heavy equipment).

    Mobile Raking Maximizes Storage In The Warehouse
    Mobile Racking Maximizes Storage In The Warehouse

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