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Keystone Racking

Keystone Racking is not as common as they used to be. But there still is an enormous amount of Keystone Style Pallet Racking being used today. Keystone pallet racks are easy to install and can withstand higher load capacities than other roll-formed pallet racks. Keystone Racking, also sometimes called Republic racking are named because the holes in the uprights look like a keystone (the old type of key hole). The Keystone racking around are usually yellow beams and the uprights are grey. Keystone racking have beam clips and hooks with square, not round, tops.

The columns in Keystone or Republic Pallet Racks are singly symmetric channels with lips and punched with a single row of keystone slots in the front face that the lugs on the beam clips fit into. Holes are punched on both sides of the column, offset from the keystones, for the beam safety clips to snap into to prevent accidental dislodgement of the beam. Columns are available in 3” height increments. The keystones and holes are punched on 3”centers, which means the beams are adjustable in 3” increments. All columns are made of ASTM A-1011/A Structural Quality Hot Rolled Steel, having a minimum yield point of 50,000 psi.

Features of Keystone Style Pallet Racks

Our keystone style pallet racks feature upright frames engineered to promote the structural integrity of the racking system, columns with solid corners, and keystone slots punched in the area of least stress for maximum load capacity. Holes are punched on both sides and offset from the keystone connectors on the beams to prevent accidental dislodgement. Keystone slots and holes are punched in a single row on 3" centers, allowing the beams to adjust in 3" increments.

Keystone Racking or Republic Racking feature beams and upright frames that are engineered to strict design specifications. Keystone installation is easy and consistent. There are locking safety clips that lock beams and uprights together, preventing the beams from accidentally uplifting themselves. Keystone racks are a low-cost storage of pallets, drums, or any bulky items, and often can meet a warehouse's storage needs.

So whether a single Keystone Rack with wire decking suits your needs or a complete widespan Keystone storage system along with steel shelves is what is necessary, we will help you make the right choice. Fast Delivery or come on over to pick it all up! Call A.I.T. at (954)205-4071 or click on our Get A Quote above, and let's get started.

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