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Bulk Storage Racks

Also called Bulk Storage Rack Shelving, Widespan Shelving, Lightweight Pallet Racks

 Bulk storage racks are one of the most adaptable industrial storage rack solutions offered.

Whether you call it Wide Span Shelving, Long Span Shelving or Bulk Storage Racks it is a hybrid storage system that combines the advantages of industrial shelving and a pallet racking system. Like pallet racks, Bulk Storage Racks have uprights and beams. I like to think of it as a light duty pallet rack system. The system is definitely versatile, durable and helps improve your safety, efficiency and organization. Recommended storage when hand-loading of light and medium weight bulky items, Bulk Storage Racks are also called Bulk Storage Rack Shelving, Widespan Shelving or Lightweight Pallet Racks. Available in Lightweight Storage Rack Shelving, or for heavier loads heavy duty bulk storage racks. You can use this popular industrial racking solution for any number of storage solutions. It is perfect for any warehouse, industrial, manufacturing, backroom, storeroom storage. Storing cartons of merchandise in shipping and receiving departments to medical and dietary supplies in a pharmacy or hospital. Bulk storage racks are one of the most adaptable industrial storage rack solutions offered. Depending on the usage, often its only the bulk storage racks shelving, not the uprights or the horizontals, that is different. Bulk storage racks can hold such a wide range of products making this type of storage one of the most versatile systems available.

Advantages of Bulk Storage Racks

  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Add-on units available
  • Multiple deck options
  • Stores heavy, bulky items
  • Immediate accessibility

  • A.I.T. sells both new and used bulk storage racks. Constructed from heavy-duty structural grade steel, bulk rack components allow you to design and build your own custom bulk storage rack or to expand upon previously installed racking your facility currently has. These galvanized steel racks are some of the strongest and most flexible industrial storage racks. They can easily handle standard warehouse loads. In addition to storing cartons of merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, metal rack shelving can be used with Bulk Storage Racks for a display rack in retail locations.

    Types of Bulk Storage Racks

    Bulk Storage Racks are also called Bulk Storage
	Rack Shelving, Widespan Shelving or Lightweight Pallet Racks.

    Freestanding bulk storage racks with steel wire decking also called bulk storage racks wire decking provide a clear view of inventory and prevents the accumulation of dirt, oil, and debris. In case of a fire, it also maximizes the efficiency of sprinkler systems and allows better air circulation and light penetration.

    Bulk storage starters stand-alone units are the building block of an initial storage system setup. These racks with bulk storage rack shelving made of particleboard for the decking is the economical choice for heavy load storage. The particleboard offers a durable, smooth solid surface, which is ideal for use in shipping and receiving departments, retail stores, and hospitals.


    Ribbed Steel bulk storage has ribbed steel decking. Ribbed steel decking features a rigid surface and a sturdy option for general purpose storage. It's popular because of the extra strength from the ribs in the shelving. You can easily slide stored items on and off the shelving.

    Galvanized bulk storage Starter stand-alone units with galvanized wire decking include the essentials for an initial storage system setup. Galvanized wire mesh decks minimize moisture and corrosion.

    So whether a single bulk storage unit with wire decking suits your needs or a complete widespan storage system along with steel shelves is what is necessary, we will help you make the right choice. Call A.I.T. at (954)205-4071 or click on our "Get A Quote" above and let's get started.

    Bulk Storage Rack System Components

      Bulk bin storage rack
      Heavy duty bulk storage racks
      Bulk hose storage racks
      Bulk electrical wire storage racks
      Bulk storage rack beams
      Bulk storage rack frames
      Bulk storage rack wire decking

      Bulk storage racks wire decking
      Bulk storage rack shelving
      Husky four level steel bulk storage racks
      Bulk storage rack fluted deck
      Bulk storage rack bolt anchors
      Bulk storage rack netting
      Bulk storage rack with solid steel deck

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