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Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

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Choosing your stores retail store fixtures is an essential choice that’s necessary for just about any retail store or business. If you plan on selling physical products to customers, you are going to need retail shelving to display on. You will decide whether to use shelves that are built directly into the walls or gondola shelving units. While both of these options will allow you to display products, there are some notable differences between the two that shouldn’t be ignored. Keep reading and we’ll take a closer look at the differences between high-quality gondola shelving and traditional built-in store shelving.

What Are the Advantages of Gondola Shelving?

Most seasoned and experienced retail store owners will agree that gondola shelving is the best all-around method for storing and displaying products. But what makes them such a popular choice? For starters, gondolas are constructed with easily adjustable shelves designed to fit products of any size. To adjust a shelf on a standard gondola, you simply lift up and pull out. You can then fit the shelf into one of the available notches either lower or higher on the gondola. As a result of these easily adjustable shelves, you’ll be able to fit a greater amount of product throughout your store, maximizing your overall “retail real estate.”

Lozier Gondolla Island 8 Shelf Display

Lozier Gondolla Wall Kit 8 Shelf Display

Gondola shelves have been popular for many years especially in convenience stores, malls, retail outlets and grocery stores. They are often used when a business needs maximum storage within a limited area. For the same reason, some home owners are taking advantage of the flexibility of gondola shelving by placing the units in their storerooms and garages. The way you display your store goods will have a huge impact on your sales. Items that look good, are well-organized, highly visible, and easy to reach are more likely to find their way into customers shopping carts. Plain and simple, that’s why it’s extremely important to invest in the right style of gondola shelving. Gondola racks help you display your merchandise, making it easy for your customers to see what you offer and to choose the items they want to buy. These store fixtures can also help you optimize your retail space by utilizing vertical space with multiple shelves. Gondola racks make it easy for you to create the retail space you want. By buying additional units, you can create long aisles or re-arrange shelving to create multiple rows of shorter aisles. Whatever you can imagine, you can do with these retail displays.

Retailers can utilize a rolling gondola to create mobile fixture runs. This agile fixture can easily move about the store and allow for quick special display's or for stock rotation. Our attractive Gondola shelving units provide all the flexibility, durability, and high weight-bearing threshold needed to make retail gondola shelving the perfect addition to any retail outlet. Gondola shelving can support up to a 350 pound load. This feature enables store owners to place profitable heavy goods on the most visible top shelf. In addition to cleanly and efficiently displaying products, the quick-adjust features of gondola retail store fixtures allow the shelves to seamlessly transition to suit your merchandising vision as your needs evolve. You may highlight items with a special retail display depending on the time of year or the holiday season. That’s why you need flexible retail gondola shelving that can adapt to your needs.

Retail Gondola Shelving is Cost Effective

12 Foot Lozier Gondola Display

Steel Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving units are a lower cost retail shelving option compared to many other types of shelving. Compared to other types of retail store fixtures, retail gondola shelving is one of the most cost effective and affordable. They are low maintenance and are robustly designed meaning that you will get many years of maintenance free retail use out of them. As well, the shelving is . And when it comes to installation, it is very simple. In fact, many store owners install their own shelving quite easily with some instructions and a little effort. As already mentioned, the easy of assembly gives you the option of side stepping fitting costs. What’s more, you can increase the cost efficiency of the purchase by displaying more stock on the units and maximising your revenue. We specialize in supplying shelving for both industrial and retail. Supplying equipment to industrial plants, warehouse operations, retail convenience stores, supermarkets, independent retailers, pharmacies and liquor stores. Moreover, we offer both new and used island gondola shelving wall accessories.

Strategic Placement of Gondola Displays

Strategic Gondola Display Placement for best sales

Retail gondola shelving offer a variety of benefits. Gondola shelving units allow a store owner the flexibility to strategically place merchandise at the most paramount height for the items. This attribute alone makes gondolas the best retail store fixture, easier to organize and for your customer to locate items. As well, the durable and secure frame makes it possible to arrange items any way desired. The gondola's are built tough, they come with masonite pegboard backs making it easy for you to move shelves up or down to accommodate inventory of different sizes. Gondola shelving also works well with multiple shelves as well as a stand-alone. In addition, they come is a wide array of shapes and sizes with extra accessories like shelf dividers, baskets and shelf fencing for added versatility. Gondola shelving is availabile in different colors that are perfect for catching the eye of a consumer. Finally, our gondola racks grow with you. Try out a starter unit and then add more retail shelves and add more gondola shelving as your inventory grows.

Increased Shelving with Optimum Flexibility

Gondola shelving units make the best use of the space because shelving can be increased vertically if desired. Any business can maximize on the available space in their store. To make best use of your storage space, store owners simply customise the gondola shelves in a rack. The shelving can also be easily adjusted and rearranged as often as needed so your store display remains eye-catching and fresh. Beyond the vertical flexibility, the horizontal depth of each shelf can be configured as well. This is particularly advantageous if you want to avoid blocking any light filtering down to the lower shelf. It is also eye-catching and easily noticeable.

Strategic Gondola Display Placement for best sales

Heavy-duty Gondola Shelving are easy to assemble, no bolts, nuts or tools required. Gondola's can change to meet your merchandising space and product needs. The gondola shelving can join together to create retail merchandise rows. Simple to add additional shelves and signage. Retail display endcap's are another great use of gondola Shelving. End of the row endcap's, two gondola's or four gondola's can be put back to back or in a square for excellent merchandise displays.

Available in fixed or variable lengths, the rolling Gondola moves about on casters and have a choice of back panel options. Choose from hardboard, pegboard, or grid backs to create the optimal fixture application for your unique store setup. Double-sided gondola shelving units provide convenient display and access to products in grocery and retail stores. Many accessories are available depending on the back chosen. Mobile Gondolas give you the ability to update and adjust your fixture layout as your store and merchandise changes.

Lozier Double Sided Aisle Gondola

Corner Gondolla Display

Large Selection of Retail Store Shelving Solutions

Functionality and versatility make gondola shelving not only easy to install but now you have the ability to change your displays at any time. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, as well as an abundance of accessories for added flexibility, gondola shelving will enhance your store's design and create a comfortable and enticing setting in which your customers can buy your products. Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL., give us a call at (954) 205-4071 or use our contact page today to get a custom quote on new or used Gondola shelving.

Gondolas are often referred to as store shelving or retail shelving. The perfect shelving for retail stores and store malls. Gondola shelving is even often used to section off complete departments. They are used to create long retail store aisles like what you see in larger store locations. Gondola shelving is very flexible. The possibilities are enormous.

Gridwall 2 Sided Gondola Roller Display

Gridwall 4 Sided Gondola Roller Display

With a steel base approximately 6 to 8 inches off the ground, there is a strong vertical back that is either single-sided or double-sided, for one-side or two-sided gondola shelving. The vertical slatwall panels attach easily to the base and holes or slots in the vertical back allow floating display shelving or other merchandise accessories to simply fit on to the back panel. Gondola shelving is held in place by strong metal claw type ends so the shelves are only supported by the back side. The entire front of the store fixture is open so that what is visible is the product displayed and not much of the shelving. With a single-sided gondola, the vertical display and base create what looks like an L shape, and is the perfect shelving designed to be used as retail wall displays as they are generally located against a wall. Double-sided gondola shelving is similar but have holes or slots on both sides of the vertical slat panels, and a metal base comes out on both sides. Display shelving whether against a wall or double sided in an aisle can have different depth shelving and merchandising accessories attached to the vertical slatwall for any number of different gondola displays.

Available Types of Gondola Shelving For Sale

Slatwall Gondola Shelving

SlatWood Gondola 4 Sided Display

Single Side Gondola Display

There is an extensive line of SlatWood gondola shelving. SlatWood gondola shelving has wooden slat wall back panels and wooden gondola accessories. The SlatWood gondola is available in multiple sizes and with many available options. Options include wooden retail dump bins, wooden gondola shelves, wooden gondola signage and more. The Wood slat shelves are available in different configurations and help to create a beautiful retail environment. This type of shelving provides a perfect look for retail wine stores, bakeries, grocery stores, book stores, whatever your imaginaton comes up with.

SlatWood Gondola 4 Sided Display SlatWood Gondola wall Display

Our slatwall gondolas are excellent for showcasing retail merchandise. Each store fixture can accommodate many different types of dumps, shelves, hooks, and other holders. Totally eliminating the need for custom designed racks. Floor standing slatwall gondolas feature panels on all sides, making them perfect as a visual centerpiece for stores. All displays offered may be ordered in a number of finishes such as natural, white, or black, as well as various shapes and sizes. Browse our slatwall gondolas for the right model that suits your business's floor plan.

Our retail shelving displays are also available in different designs to accommodate any room's configuration. One of our designs is the H-shaped slatwall gondola that has a wide shape for fitting lots of accessories. These have a stationary design that make them ideal for holding large merchandise like clothing, electronics, and toys. Our other models are tall and feature a rotating base. These gondolas are great for maximizing space when real estate is at a premium. For example, place one of these slatwall spinners close to a wall and all of the merchandise can still be accessed by spinning it around. Rotating gridwall towers also feature hidden caster wheels for quick relocation.

Rolling Gondola Shelving

Rolling Gondola shelving

Rolling Gondola shelving

Use rolling gondola shelving to increase impulse sales at the checkout! Rolling gondola displays are great for stoe managers when you want to easily move gondola display shelves around the selling floor. Perfect for special promotions or for changing a seasonal display. We have a nice selection of rolling gondola displays and rolling slatwall displays.

Metal and Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Metal and Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Metal and Pegboard Gondola Shelving

For high quality retail display options check out our high-quality gondola shelving with standard pegboard back panels and inserts. These are offered in white, off-white and black colors. Display can be ordered in single and double sided units and in a variety of sizes. All gondola shelving assembly instructions and required parts are sent with each order. Pegboard is manufactured out of ¼” thick hardboard and has holes located every inch for maximum display options. The metal gondola has vertical slotted uprights or slotted standards that accept metal gondola shelves. Shelves are ordered in many sizes.

Metal and Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Metal and Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Metal and Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Gridwall Panels and Gridwall Gondola Shelving

Gridwall Panels and Gridwall Gondola Shelving

Gridwall Panels and Gridwall Gondola Shelving

Use gridwall panels or gridwall gondola shelving for economical display for retail stores, tradeshows, fairs. and stores that want to allow some light to go through the store fixtures. Gridwall is manufactured with thick wire in a cross square pattern. A freestanding gridwall gondola display fixture works in conjunction with a variety of accessories to suit multiple retail display applications. Available in a choice of durable powder coated finish. The grid gondola unit can be customized with display shelves, hangrails, baskets and hooks etc. to fit very specific merchandise needs. These display fixtures are a firm favorite with retailers because of their great versatility for all-purpose in-store merchandising and since they are so easy to assemble and dismantle they are popular display racks.

Gridwall Panels and Gridwall Gondola Shelving Gridwall Panels and Gridwall Gondola Shelving

If you are looking for retail gondola racks to add to your store - we are ready for you! We offer a good variety of gondola shelves. Gondola shelving gives our customers the flexibility they need to create an attractive retail environment customized to their products.

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