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Boltless Warehouse Shelving

Boltless Warehouse Shelving also called Boltless Shelving and Boltless Rack System is simply the most economical and easiest to install shelving system. This high capacity shelving utilizes Single or Double Rivet Beams to increase capacities and allow for long span applications. These units are manufactured from heavy duty steel and feature a boltless rivet design which provides for easy installation without nuts, bolts, etc.

Boltless shelving has an open design that requires no bracing. Shelves are accessible from all four sides and can be adjusted every 1-1/2”. Components are engineered to fit snugly to one another without the use of fasteners. This unique design has rivets which are factory attached to all left-to-right and front-to-back beams. The rivets align with keyhole shaped slots in the vertical posts. Once tapped into place using a standard rubber mallet, the units are tightly assembled providing maximum strength. Excellent for many applications. A wide range of sizes are available, with or without shelving or flat wire grid decking.


The versatility of Boltless Shelving allows you to mix and match components to meet your unique application. Shelving units are available with light weight steel decking, heavy gauge steel decking, flat wire decking, what every your shelving needs, we can configure the best shelving or racking system to fit. We have available any height or length of standard and heavy-duty Boltless Shelving.

Whether you are looking to expand your shelving, upgrade or replace a part, A.I.T. offers all Boltless Shelving Components you may require. Choose from our large parts selection like Double Rivet Beams, no matter what shelving parts or pieces you need for your boltless shelving.

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